If you are thinking about investing in the real estate market here are some good reasons to consider investing in Multi-Family Real Estate.

Multi-Family investments can be easier to finance. 

While a one unit rental is comparably cheaper than a multi-family building to invest, securing a loan for a multi-family property can be a lot easier and more likely to be approved due to its potential monthly cash flow. The likelihood of foreclosure on an apartment building is not as high as in a single-family rental, making the multi-family option a less risky investment.

Grow your portfolio.

Investing in Multi-family is the fastest way to build your rental portfolio and once you acquire your first multi-unit property it becomes much easier to finance the next.

Real estate investing allows for one to be successful through a number of different strategies. That said if you are interested in refinancing any current mortgages or if you are looking for purchase money loans, feel free to contact us (31) 993-9507 | kelly@kellysorensen.com

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